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Bruce was born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Canada where he was introduced to dirtbikes at a young age. Since the first ride, Bruce was hooked and a lot of his days were spent building jumps and progressing at a quick rate. In 2005 he turned pro and began doing shows all over North America. Fast forwarding to January 3rd, 2014, Bruce hoped to become the first person in the world to land a double front flip on a motorcycle in a Nitro Circus show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, he slightly under rotated resulting in him breaking his T-11 vertebrae and a complete spinal cord injury. Just 9 months after his injury, he rode his modified dirtbike for the first time. Only 1 month after that Bruce became the first paraplegic to land a backflip on a motorcycle. On October 14th, 2015, he returned to Nitro Circus and completed his backflip infront of a sold out crowd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bruce continues to tour the world with Nitro Circus backflipping his bike while motivating and inspring thousands. Check the tour schedule to see if he will be in a city near you!  See Bruce complete his backflip in Toronto in the link below and stay tuned for his full documentary that will be available on iTunes soon!

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