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3 Years in a char

It's crazy to think that it's been 3 years since I kicked myself in the back. There are still days that it's hard to believe I'm in the situation I am. It's the old, "I can't believe it happened to me! Things like this only happen to other people." Fact of the matter is that it did happen and things, good and bad, are going to continue to happen because, "st*ff happens." It was a huge, life changing event that happened but I was fairly quick to accept it. Part of it was faking being so ok but I've also been a believer in, "fake it 'til you make it." Whatever the matter is, the sooner you can accept was has happened, the sooner you can move forward. Probably the biggest factor for me was setting goals. It's become very apparent, especially in the last couple years, how important it is to set goals. If I don't have some sort of goal in mind at any given time, I feel incredibly blah and down. Right after the accident my goal was to at least get back on my bike (it was actually to flip right off the bat but I'll say just get back on my bike so my family doesn't disown me just yet). I've got some big goals in mind that I will accomplish when the time is right but it's equally important to maintain smaller goals that you can accomplish in a week or months time. Conquering goals and being thirsty to conquer the next is a big part of what keeps me motivated and my mind distracted from the negativity that can so easily take over.

The past year has been a crazy one for me including touring all over the world, going steady with Leah, releasing a song I co-wrote/co-sang​ and releasing my documentary "Never say Can't" on NBC.

What's the plan for this year? Currently I'm getting ready to head to New Zealand for another tour and I've started working on a project I'm really excited about. I was happy with the way the documentary turned out but I want to expand on some of the things that were mentioned in it. This year I will be trying my best to film my adventures and edit them into 5-10 min episodes. It will be a sort of real time documentary showcasing the ups, downs, struggles and all round whatever I get into. Feel free to comment and share them when they come. Thanks for the continued support!

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